A teacher, a director of school rape 18-year-old; impregnate  her

New Delhi, Sep 19:There couldn't have been a more shocking news, when a school premises becomes an abode to satisfy the sexual instincts where the teachers indulge in the shameful act and rape a girl student continuously for more than six months.

An 18-year-old student was allegedly raped by the school director and a teacher in Rajasthan's Sikar district, the police said today. The victim's parents in their complaint alleged that the two had been sexually assaulting her for some days after calling her to school on the pretext of extra classes. The duo had allegedly been raping the minor for a long time and had even impregnated her.

The incident came to light after the minor was rushed to a hospital on Monday for excessive bleeding. 

The girl is now is undergoing treatment in a Jaipur hospital and is now in a critical condition. When she became pregnant, the duo allegedly made her undergo an abortion at a clinic in Shahpura town, circle officer, Neem Ka Thana, Kushal Singh said. The matter came to light after the teenager's health deteriorated post abortion.

The student is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Jaipur, he added. Following the complaint, school director Jagdish Yadav and teacher Jagat Singh Gurjar were booked on gangrape charge and getting abortion done without a woman's consent.

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