A woman of actions and not just words

New Delhi: With only emergency services like ambulances and fire engines allowed to use sirens on the roads of Puducherry, Lt. Governer Kiran Bedi is out and about to make sure that people's right to freedom of movement is not hindered in any manner, what so ever. Her announcement of ban on sirens in VIP cars, including her own escort and pilot cars along with a zero tolerance for any "special privileges" marks the dawn of a sublime governance. 

This former IAS officer and BJP representative, took the initiative of working with civic workers in gloves, mask and a yellow cap in order to lift garbage off the Lal Bahadur Shastri street and Gingee Salai on the World Environment Day, to not just promote Swacch Bharat Abhiyan but also as a part of efforts to make the Union Territory clean, vowing to do it every Sunday  till Puducherry becomes a clean city. 


Kiran Bedi ,Lt. Governor, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

With the appointment of her Governing seat, her first hurdle was to ban erecting posters and banners followed by the launch of a complaint line to help citizens with corruption, domestic violence and eve-teasing. " The reputation of Puducherry as a peaceful Union Territory deserves to be made better and focus on it's cleanliness and heritage with respect to becoming an ideal tourist attraction", said the former Delhi top cop. 

A political analysis from Tamil Nadu suggests that Kiran Bedi was made the Governer in order to impress the people of Tamil Nadu by her governance but C.M. Narayanasamy has conflicting thoughts with the analysis and has asked Kiran to act firmly according to the powers bestowed upon her as a Lt. Governer. 

Will Kiran Bedi's herculean maneuvers eventually hail a victory of BJP in Tamil Nadu? We have a long way to go and the fun has just begun. 


Beeba M Singh