AAP chai-samosa controversy: Kejriwal govt spent Rs 1 Crore of taxpayers' money on refreshments

New Delhi: Having already been entangled in the controversy relating to the enormous amount of money spent on advertisements, Aam Aadmi Party government seems to have learnt no lesson. According to the response to an RTI query filed, Kejriwal and his six-member Cabinet has spent over Rs. 1 crore on tea and samosas, ordered for their guests in the past 18 months.


Snacks and entertainment: what a subtle way to spend the taxpayers’ money!


Now that there was a competition among the AAP Cabinet members, let’s break down to who turned out to be the best host.


1. Arvind Kejriwal: Rs 47.29 lakh

In the response filed by Kishan Lal, Deputy Secretary at the General Administration Department, it was revealed that the Delhi Chief Minister drew up a whopping bill of Rs 47.29 lakh—Rs 22,42,320 at his secretariat office and Rs 24,86,921 at his residence camp office.


Famed hunger strike leader has seemingly developed quite an appetite.


2. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia

It’s like the hierarchy has something to do with the spendings. Adding up the spendings in the residence office (Rs 5,66,304), and secretariat office (Rs 5,62,125), Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia ranked second with Rs 11,28,429.


3. Ex-Transport minister Gopal Rai

Gopal Rai, sacked from the post of transport minister for allegations of corruption, spent over 11 lakh, combining Rs 5,44,856 (secretariat), and Rs 5,61,416 (residential office).


4. Ex-Social welfare minister Sandeep Kumar

Infamous AAP leader who was recently embroiled in allegations of rape and sex tape didn’t shy away from spending some extra cash—over 9 lakh, Rs 4,97,346 (secretariat), and Rs 4,13,833 (residential office)—on snacks.


5. Health minister Satyendra Jain

Jain spent over 9.1 lakh Rupees, combining Rs 3,57,303 (on a camp office bill), and Rs 5,53,008 (expenditure on a pilot vehicle). Not so healthy habit!


6. Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra

Kapil Mishra didn’t appear like someone who entertains his guests at home. He spent a total sum of Rs 6,30,090—Rs 36,232 (residence), and over 5.9 lakh (secretariat).


7. Minister of Food and Civil Supply Imran Hussain

It would have been unfair if the Food minister didn’t make it to this list. Mr. Hussain spent a total of just over 5.8 lakh Rupees, combining Rs 1,67,933 (residence) and Rs 4,21,188 (office).


Now, isn’t it ironical that the AAP ministers, who claim to be living an austere life—devoid of lavish lifestyle—are spending crores of taxpayers’ money to entertain their guests with tea and snacks.

By: Mayank Mohanti