Abhishek Jawkar's next tentatively titled 'Not A Prostitute'

Mumbai:  Director Abhishek Jawkar, who has made his directorial debut with a murder mystery "Missing On A Weekend", says his next film is tentatively titled "Not A Prostitute."

Abhishek says the film is based on the escort industry.

"'Not A Prostitute' is based on escort industry. It further tell the story of a girl who gets into sex trade, who has to choose what is good and what is bad for her.

"There are certain choices she has to make and which will decide how she lives her life. The choices she has to make and the ones she already made affect her mentally as well as emotionally," Jawkar said.

This women-centric film will hit the floors this November and is set for 2017 release.

The director says that he is looking for some A-list actress for the main role.

"I am looking at some A list actresses for this film. I want to be extremely sure because she should do justice to the role and should be convincing for the audience to believe her. They should be able to justify the character. 

"'Not A Prostitute' is a different story as the conservative audience haven't got a chance to see such stories on the silver screen," said the director.

The film is written by Jawkar himself and shall be made under the banner of Red Bulb Studios.