Acting with prosthetic is quite a challenge: Parag Tyagi

Mumbai: It takes Parag Tyagi six hours everyday to get into the 'Brahmarakshas' avatar for TV show "Brahmarakshas -- Jaag Utha Shaitaan". The actor says working with prosthetic is a challenge.

Parag is seen in the role of a ferocious monster in the Zee TV show. 

"I am very excited about the show and this unique demonic character I am playing. To get into the skin of this character requires a lot of preparation and time. Since the make-up used is prosthetic, it is quite a challenge to act as your face gets stretched and you have to manage your expressions accordingly," Parag said in a statement. 

The prosthetic make-up takes almost two hours to complete and around 45 minutes to remove. Moreover, after every three hours, the entire process has to be redone. In a 12-hour shoot, the actor spends nearly six hours in getting ready for this character. 

Explaining the whole process, Parag added: "I hate long hair. For my look, I've to wear a wig which falls over the eyes all the time. I'm wearing lenses, which I'm not used to as my eyes are sensitive. The role required not only a well-built body, but also a persona that intimidates." 

“I first put on seven kg and then followed a rigorous work-out regimen for three months to build solid muscle. I have undergone voice modulation exercises to get the right tonal quality.”

Nevertheless, the actor is thankful for the “support and cooperation of the creative team”. 

Parag said: “The transformation from Parag to Brahmarakshas has been an exciting process with an impactful end result. This character is a huge challenge and I hope viewers appreciate the effort.”

The show narrates the story of Raina and Rishabh who go to Kamalpura to attend a wedding and in an encounter with the Brahmarakshas, end up losing someone dear to them. Then they decide to join forces so that they can take Brahmarakshas down.