Activists, experts call for adopting alternative energy

Patna: Dozens of activists and experts gathered at Bodh Gaya in Bihar on Sunday, urging central and state governments to adopt ecologically sustainable and socio-economically equitable transitions for the electricity sector in the country. They also sought to draw attention to nuclear and coal projects which, they said, could have adverse impact and prove to be a costly option to provide electricity to people. "Coal, nuclear and large hydro based centralised systems have failed in providing sustainable and equitable energy solutions," Ashish Kothari,founder member of Kalpavriksh attending the Vikalp Sangam, said.  "In this context, alternatives like decentralised renewable energy, have huge potential to provide real and reliable energy choices. This was also evident from our visit to Dharnai, an example of a solar based micro grid project run by civil society and the community," he added.