Addicted to Facebook, Instagram? You will begin hating yourself soon

New Delhi, Nov 21, News24 Bureau: Beware if you are a social media addict, and especially so if you are hooked to Facebook and Instagram things will soon get worse for you.This may not be music to ears of beautiful young women if we say that they may soon start hating their bodies; however beautiful they may be.Scientists and researches say that young women who actively like or comment on Facebook or Instagram images of friends they find attractive are likely to be left feeling worse about their own appearance.The research published in the journal Body Image focused on young women, aged 18 to 27 years old, who liked or commented on photos of people they deemed to be more attractive than themselves. The research by a team from York University in Canada shows how young women interact with images online can affect how they feel about their own bodies."The results showed that these young adult women felt more dissatisfied with their bodies," said Jennifer Mills, associate professor at York."They felt worse about their own appearance after looking at social media pages of someone that they perceived to be more attractive than them," said Mills."Even if they felt bad about themselves before they came into the study, on average, they still felt worse after completing the task," she said.The survey sampled 118 female undergraduate students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Participants reported their age, ethnicity, and years of post-secondary education in an online questionnaire six weeks before the experiment.Each participant was given a questionnaire where they had to indicate using a specific scale how satisfied or dissatisfied they were with their appearance or body image.Participants were then randomly assigned to one of two experimental conditions. One group of participants were asked to log into Facebook and Instagram for a period of five or more minutes and find one peer that was the same age who they felt was more attractive than themselves.After looking at the photos, each participant was asked to leave a comment of their choice.In the control group, participants were asked to do the same task except for this time comment on a post of a family member whom they did not think was more attractive than themselves.The data showed that participants' views of their own appearance were not affected when interacting with their family members. 

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