After Indian Surgical Strike even Pakistan had planned 2 strikes, but failed miserably

New Delhi, Sep 28, News24 Bureau: It has been two years of Indian Surgical Strikes, and as the nation celebrates the anniversary of the great feat of Indian Defence Forces the glories and stories related to the brave endeavour of Indian soldiers are timely.Very few know that after the Indian Surgical Strike even Pakistan had tried to do two surgical strikes, but failed miserably in the twin endeavours.Sources close to News24 had revealed that to avenge the surgical strikes in PoK, Pakistan had planned surgical strikes on India on October 5 of 2016. However, the brave Indian soldiers were alert and the Pakistanis had to literally run to save their lives.At midnight on October 5, Pakistan's Border Action Team along with Pak-trained terrorists were about to attack in the Rampur sector of Uri. The plan was to attack the army camp and send across terrorists, but before the plan could be implemented, firing from the Indian side chased away the BAT soldiers and the terrorists. The Indian side was alert after observing activities in the Pakistani post near Rampur. When the Pakistan Army soldiers started firing to cover the BAT team and terrorists, Indian Army and BSF retaliated with heavy firing. The Pakistanis ran away immediately.     The Pakistanis tried it again on October 6 midnight. This time, they chose Naugam sector near Lipa Valley (where surgical strikes were conducted). But the poor Pak Army soldiers were unaware that they have been tracked by the 119 BSF Battalion.Once the Pakistan side tried to enter the Indian territory, BSF and Army soldiers again retaliated with heavy firing. The firing lasted for 9 hours, but the result was same- Pakistan soldiers and terrorists again had to run to save their lives.

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