Ahead of Chhath, Muslim women clean roads leading to ghats

New Delhi, Oct 24: Chhath Puja is one festival which breaks all barriers and is popular across all caste, creed and colour. This is specially true for Bihar where the Muslims are seen to be participating in this festival which is basically in praise of Sun God. In one such incident, Muslim women undertook drive to clean roads leading to ghats near Ganga river and nearby areas ahead of Chhath puja yesterday in Patna.

Chhath is a festival which best elucidates the cause of a clean environment and a healthy nature. This festival also celebrates the manifestation of nature in its godly form; be it rivers, the Sun, the trees. The festival is said to promote brotherhood and camaraderie in best possible way as people of all caste and creed participate in this festival.  The Chhath Puja is a four-day elaborate affair. It has begun from Tuesday, with 'Nahan-Khan' followed by 'Kharna'. Then comes the main part with the evening 'Araghya' and the morning 'Araghya' the next day.