Ahmedabad firm launches portable hotel rooms

Ahmedabad: Ushering in what has been claimed to be an innovative idea, Beetle Smartotels, the first portable concept hotel built completely using shipping containers, opens this month in the Mundra-SEZ in Gujarat. Young hotel entrepreneur Tanmay Bathwal, who runs the Ahmedabad-based Hirise Hospitality Pvt Ltd, is promoting this venture to cater to the soaring demand for hassle-free movable rooms ideal for remote locations, industry clusters and venues holding big-ticket cultural conventions. "Contrary to the traditional brick-and-mortar hotels which take a minimum of three to four years to get rolling, a Smartotel could be built in just three months," Bathwal said. "These moving hotels use the concept of recycling and are environmentally conducive. They are built out of unused or discarded containers, ensuring speedy construction without compromising the quality," he added. According to Bathwal, the rooms would have plush interiors and decor along with top security mechanisms and safe deposit lockers. It is capable of meeting demand-and-supply with ease. "With Beetle Smartotels, we are stepping into a domain where no one has treaded before and have tasted success. We are successfully bridging the gap in availability of temporary, yet quality accommodation, in a record time," he said, adding that the facilities required for these portable hotels were being manufactured in Ahmedabad. Hirise Hospitality Pvt Ltd aims to add 2,000 portable hotel rooms across the country by 2018.  Beetle Smartotels are also being built with options to choose between a portable service apartment and rooms ideal for single business travellers.