AIIMS doctors remove rod from man's body, save his life

New Delhi: Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences have removed an iron rod which had pierced the body of a 30-year-old man who had fallen on it at an under-construction building in south east Delhi. According to AIIMS officials, the incident happened on Friday evening when the man fell from the fourth floor of the building to the second floor where the iron rods were placed.  "As he fell, a rod pierced his body between arms and chest, and then came out from the back after breaking the shoulder blades. He was lucky as none of his main arteries got affected," AIIMS spokesperson Amit Gupta told IANS. "Perhaps that's why he remained alive," he added.  The incident happened in the Timarpur area in south east Delhi. The man is mentally unstable. According to Gupta, the injured man was found by the security guard of the building on Saturday morning.  "As the man fell on the rod, he stayed pinned down in the same position till the morning. After the guard discovered him, he called the police who took help of CATS ambulance and brought him to the AIIMS trauma centre," Gupta said. On arrival, the man was operated upon and the rod was taken out.  "The man's condition is stable now," Gupta said.