Akshay Kumar's BALD secret ...Why Khiladi went 'hairless'

New Delhi, Jan 19: Akshay Kumar certainly is a darling of masses who understands the pulse of his fans as no one else does. An this is the reason that he does not min oing films, which may sound weird at first but then are turned into money-minting hits. The topics of his films are not the typical Bollywood type, but his gut sense proves correct, always! ANd in the same series is hos forthcoming film Padman.

Not just films, he oes not shy away from wearing weird looks as well. His fans were shocked to see him wearing a bald look and rumors were rife that  he was shaving his head as he was growing bald with age. During the promotion od his film Paman he was seen in this weird avatar. 

But the real reason of his wearing a bald look was that he purposely shaved his hear as during the shooting of Kesari he had to wear a 'pagdai' an because of hair he always ha a itchy and irritating feeling. He therefore thought of getting rid of his hair till he ha to continue shooting fo Kesari.