Alcatel unveils stand-alone VR headset

New York: Hong Kong-based TCL Communication-owned Alcatel recently launched a stand-alone VR headset which means it does not require a separate smartphone like Samsung's Gear VR and has all the features integrated inside the device.

The headset features two 1,080x1,020 AMOLED screens, houses 3,000mAh battery on the back and works on a Unity-based SDK and app payment system. 

The headset has eight-core CPU paired up with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, Bluetooth, LTE and a suite of sensors including an accelerometer, gyro and proximity sensor, technology blog Engadget reported on Friday. 

The company also unveiled Alcatel 360, a 360-degree camera which is equipped with dual 210-degree fisheye lenses and comes in rectangular and ball shapes. 

The camera reportedly works by plugging it into one of the company's Idol 4, Idol 4S or Pop 4S phones. 

Alcatel has also join hands with companies like Janut VR and Fraunhofer, which will provide pre-loaded games and other content.