Alia Bhatt spends some quality time with Ranbir and his family...In Pics

New Delhi, Oct 24, News24 Bureau: Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are in the headlines due to their affair these days. Both are working together in 'Brahmastra' these days. Since the shooting began, the reports of their affair started. It is believed that both will marry soon. Everyone knows about their relationship. Everyone in Bollywood, as well as their family, is aware of their affair. 

A few days ago, Alia went to New York to meet Ranbir's family. Ranbir is in New York with his father, Rishi Kapoor. So the actress also reached there to meet them.

In New York, Alia met with Ranbir's family also had a lot of fun. Recently some pictures have surfaced on the internet. These pictures were from a family dinner where Alia and Ranbir's family can be spotted. 

It was said that there can be an official announcement regarding the relationship of Ranbir and Alia soon. Meanwhile, the health of future father-in-law Rishi Kapoor worsened. That's why Kapoor and Bhatt's family postponed the announcement. Hopefully, soon Rishi Kapoor will be completely fine. After that, they could take a big decision about the new couple.

Image source: Internet