All religions are anti-woman, says writer Taslima Nasreen

Kozhikode: Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen on Sunday, alleged that all religions are anti-woman.

Speaking at the Kerala Lit Fest, Nasreen questioned why the secularists in India were questioning only Hindu fundamentalists while they let alone the Muslim fundamentalists.

She added that all religions were anti-woman though distortion caused by fundamentalists added to it.

You have to keep religion separated from government. Laws should not be based on religion,” she said, adding that the influence of religion in framing laws in Bangladesh had oppressed both Muslim and Hindu women, but that the condition of women was much better in India.

She further described India as a tolerant nation; however, added that many intolerant people were living in India.

“I think most people are quite tolerant of each others’ faith. The laws in India do not support intolerance. But there are so many intolerant people in this country,” She said.

The renowned writer said pseudo-secularism is not a feature of a true democracy.