Amanutullah reveals this in an exclusive interview with News24

New Delhi, Oct 30: Amanutullah Khan was suspended from AAP for allegedly making some unpleasant remarks against some party seniors. Supposedly Kumar Vishwas had a role to play when he was shown the door. Now Amanutullah is back in the party fold. 

Kumar Vishwas, one of the founding members of AAP has been crying wolf of late and now it is clear that the jargons did have some merit. Dismissed AAP leader Amanutullah is back in the party and this is being seen as a very big shocker for Kumar who is in-charge of the Rajasthan Elections.The senior leader says that there are a few in the party who are desperate to see him out of AAP at any cost. Amanatullah has his side of story. See this video where Amanutullah talks to News24 exclusively: