Amazing VIDEO..Monkey hoists flag on Independence Day

New Delhi: Well, this is unbelievable, but it has happened. Have you ever seen a patriotic monkey unfurling the national flag on any Independence Day? It happened in Ambala city of Haryana on Tuesday. 

This incident, which happened at a school in Ambala, has been captured in a video. In the video tow monkeys are seen on rooftop, where the Tricolour is to be hoisted. Suddenly a one monkey climbs up the flagpole and pulls the string unfurling the flag with rose petals tumbling out.

After witnessing the scene, the shocked onlookers were seen clapping and cheering after the successful hoisting of the flag by the monkey. While the crowd cheers the other monkey jumps away, but the one who hoisted the flag was seen roaming around on rooftop as if to check reactions of the crowd.