Amritsar Ravana was Ram in real life ..He died while saving lives of other

Amritsar, Oct 21:  The 24-year old Ravana of the ill-fated Amritsar Ram Leela was a real life Ram. Dalbir Singh, a kite maker who played the role of Ravana, died while saving lives of many revelers on the rail track. He was crushed to death while he was saving others from the train.    After Ram Leela, Dalbir was watching Ravan Dahan along with others from the elevated rail track. He saw the train and realised what was going to happen. In split second he started waving at the crowd to move away from track and others not to go towards track. Then he started pushing everybody whom he saw on track. He kept on saving people till the train mowed him down.  Dalbir has an eight-month-old child.Unable to control her emotions, Dalbir Singh's mother said her son was playing different characters in the Ram Leela for the past many years."My son played the role of Ravana at the Ram Leela, which was held on the ground at Dhobi Ghat adjacent to Joda Phatak...he is no more...He too was run over by the train," the mother said.Manoj, a friend of Dalbir, said he had been playing the role of Ravana for the past five years at the Ram Leela, which is held at a ground a little distance away from the accident site.His mother says said that Dalbir's body would not be cremated until the family gets compensation from the government.Seeking job for the widow of Dalbir Singh, his mother said that the state government should give her a government job so that the family could sustain their livelihood."We want is unfortunate that none from the government or any politician has visited the family," she said.Another friend of Dalbir said that on seeing a speeding train approaching the area, he had rushed towards them to save them."Dalbir was able to push 7 to 8 people away from the rail track...but there was something else in store for him as the train ran over him, killing him on the spot," he said.At least 59 people were killed Friday evening after a crowd of Dussehra revellers that had spilled onto railway tracks while watching the burning of a Ravana effigy was run over by a train near Joda Phatak here.The incident took place on Friday evening when at least 300 people were watching the 'Ravana dahan' at a ground adjacent to the tracks.As the effigy was lit and fireworks went off, a section of the crowd started retreating towards the tracks where a large number of people were already standing to watch the event, officials had said.

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