Amritsar Train Accident: 5 reasons why deadly accident happened killing more than 60 people

New Delhi, Oct 20, News24 Bureau: The Amritsar Train Accident which took place on Friday killing more than 60 people could have been averted. Here are the 5 reasons why this accident took place:

1. There was no light on the tracks: Though it was a celebration, and this was not happening for the first time, there were no arrangements of proper lights. The victims, due to poor light, could not understand that they are going on the tracks.

2. There were no policemen who could stop the crowd from spilling on tracks: All policemen were busy attending the VIPs and other important people and could not therefore see that the crowd was spilling on tracks. Amritsar Police Commissioner S.S. Srivastava later told reporters that 58 people have died and 72 have been rushed to hospitals in the city. The toll could go up, Srivastava said.

3. The speed of the train was too much: The speed of the train was too much and before the driver could understabd anyting, the mishap occured. "Out of nowhere came the train," said a man, while speaking to journalists. "Before anyone could realise what was happening, it ran over scores of people."

"When the effigy started to burn in full flow, people began running away from it fearing it may fall over them," said another man. "They did not realise that a speeding train was coming and the train did not sound its hooter."

Another man felt that the tragedy would have claimed at least 100 lives. The dead included several children, another witness said.

Ironically, moments before the tragedy, another train passed the area but there were no casualties, a railway official said.

4. No permission was taken before organising the mega event of burning the effigy. Video clips posted on the social media showed some people who had apparently seen the approaching train trying to run away from the site. A few of them were also mowed down.

Wails and cries filled the air as people frantically looked for their near and dear ones. Severed bodies, including those of children, were lying at the accident site hours after the incident with angry people not allowing authorities to remove them.

This can be called one of the worst train disaters as 58 people, all in a celebrative mood, watching the burning of a Ravan effigy from a railway track were crushed to death by a speeding train here in Punjab on Friday. This has resulted in big anger in the area and nationwide outrage. More than 72 others were injured, many of them seriously. And the counting is still on.
Chief minister Capt Amaranider Singh is yet to visit the site and the sources say thet he will be visiting anytime in the morning.

A large number of some 700 people were watching the huge Ravan effigy in flames amid exploding crackers while on the tracks at Joda Phatak near Dhobi Ghat within the city when the Jalandhar-Amritsar DMU passenger train coming to Amritsar from Hoshiarpur came hurtling down around 7 p.m.
It took just about 10-15 seconds for the train to pass -- and leave behind a heap of crushed and dismembered bodies.