Another accused held for murder of youth in UP clashes

Lucknow, Feb 4: Rahat Qureshi, an accused in the killing of a youth in Uttar Pradesh's Kasganj after which communal violence started, was arrested on Saturday, Uttar Pradesh Police said.

The main accused in Chandan Gupta's murder, Salim, was arrested two days back.

A countryside pistol and some cartridges were also recovered from Qureshi's possession.

The arrest was made by the special operations group (SOG), an officer said, adding that the accused is being interrogated for his role in rioting, instigating people and murder.

A notice for auction has already been pasted on his house and the police raided many places to look for him.

The other accused have been asked, through the auction notice, to surrender before a court by March 1 or face the risk of losing their houses.

So far five FIRs have been registered in the rioting and murder case, and 118 persons arrested.

Of these, 37 have been arrested under the five FIRs and 81 for breach of prohibitory orders clamped under Section 144 of the CrPC.

Of the three main accused in the Chandan murder case -- Salim, Waseem and Naseem -- only one has been arrested so far and the other two are still at large.

Other accused include Aslam, Akram, Taufeeq, Nasruddin, Aseem, Chillan, Rahat, Shabab, Salman, Mohsin, Saqib, Neeshu, Wasif and Babloo.