Antonio Banderas to play master of fraud in 'Beyond the Edge'

Los Angeles, Jan 12 (PTI) "Desperado" star Antonio Banderas is set to play a cool-handed master of fraud in

"Beyond the Edge".

The action film, which marks the third collaboration between Banderas and AMBI Media Group, will be directed by

Aleksandr Boguslavskiy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

They previously collaborated on the Andrea Bocelli biopic "The Music of Silence" and thriller "Black Butterfly". Both

films are currently in postproduction. 

Being shot in Italy, Russia and Georgia, "Beyond the Edge" sees Banderas' character forced to come to the aid of his son,

a master thief with plans to rob a casino.

Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi are producing the film with Russian producer Evgeniy Melentyev, while Italian

director Francesco Cinquemani is co-directing the movie.