Apple asks these QUESTIONS during job interview

Apple's name is included in the technology giants whose name is famous all over the world. Working here can be just like a dream for any person. But getting a job is not easy either.

 All the big tech companies, including Google, ask questions ranging from your old work to technical questions and they can be mind-boggling.

Here, we list some questions that Apple has asked during your job interview.

Que 1: If you have two eggs and you have to find out at what height these eggs should be thrown that they do not break, how will you know this? Explain. 

Que 2: Tell us about an interesting problem and how did you solve it?

Que 3: Explain modem/router to an 8-year-old child and explain its functioning as well.

Que 4: How many children are born everyday? 

Que 5: If we give you a job, what do you want to do?

Que 6: A man calls and he has an old computer that is definitely a brick, What will you do?

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Que 7: Are you smart?

Que 8: What are your failures and what have you learned from them?

Que 9: Tell us, what have you done in life so far that you are particularly proud of?

Que 10: Why should we hire you? 

Que 11: What is more important? To fix the customer's problem or create a good customer experience?

Que 12: Why did Apple change its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc? 

Que 13: Which is your best day and worst day in the last four years? 

Que 14: How would you test your favorite app?

Que 15: What was that which has brought you here?

So, if you are keen to appear for Apple's job interview, you may well read this question before and prepare yourself accordingly. 

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