Apples from this tree will give you 'kiss of death'

New Delhi:-Everyone loves apples. They come in wide variety of colors and shapes, and are loaded with numerous health benefits. But do you know apples from Manchineel tree are so poisonous that they can give you a kiss of death. Literally! Native to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Central America and northern south America, Manchineel tree can grow upto the height of 50 feet and holds the record for being world's most dangerous tree. The sap from its trunk is so poisonous and acidic that the mere contact with human skin can cause causes allergic dermatitis and breakout of blisters. It can even cause blindness if it touches a person's eyes.  The fruit from this tree, also known as the little apple of death, if consumed can cause burning and tearing sensation in the throat. It can also causes major gastrointestinal problems. The plant is so poisonous that in earlier times the Carib natives used the leaves of this plant to destroy the water wells of their enemies. They also used the sap from this plant to poison their arrow heads, ensuring slow and painful death of their captives. News24 Bureau