Ariana Grande cancels concert due to throat infection

Los Angeles: Singer Ariana Grande cancelled her Portugal’s Rock in Rio concert on doctor’s orders as she overcomes a throat and sinus infection. Grande, who was scheduled to take the stage at Rock in Rio in Lisbon on Sunday, took to Instagram to announce the cancellation, reports “I'm deeply saddened to tell my babes in Portugal that I have to cancel my performance at Rock in Rio. (I've literally been crying over this for an hour) I have a throat and sinus infection and my doctors have advised me not to sing for a few days,” Grande wrote. Grande further shared that she will perform at the venue soon. “I promise to make it up to you, and give you the best show I'm capable of when I return. Again, I'm so sorry to the babes who were coming to see me. I love you with all my heart,” she wrote. Grande’s new album, “Dangerous Woman”, was released on May 20.