Arijit Singh, Clinton Cerejo use Hyundai car to create music

New Delhi:- The sound of wipers, pulling of the hand brake, turning the indicator on and off, seat belt warning sound, opening and shutting of door -- all these as part of 118 sounds have been captured in a song by popular music artistes Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo for an innovative initiative by Hyundai Motor India. They have used the Hyundai Elite i20 car to create the sounds for the ‘Drive Mein Junoon’ music video, which celebrates the hatchback's success in India, read a statement. Interestingly, the song does not feature any musical instruments but captures the essence of creation, as well as stresses on 'New Thinking, New Possibilities'. Elite i20 is a car that "embodies the spirit of Indian youth," says Rakesh Srivastava, senior vice president - Sales and Marketing, Hyundai Motor India, while explaining the reason behind the music video. "We believe that art, culture and music are common assets and together constitute an universal language that influence and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Cars are a collage of multifaceted forms of art and technology and creating them is similar to creating a piece of art or music. We are delighted to associate ourselves with India’s leading Youth Icons Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo for this music video," Srivastava told IANS. The music artistes were more than glad to collaborate on something as challenging as this creation. Singh said: “I have heard Clinton's various works and I am very fond of his music. Dubbing the new Elite i20 song was exhilarating as it has a rock-like quality with catchy and meaningful lyrics and I was humming the tune even after the recording was over. That's the power of great music.” Cerejo, the music director, said: “The challenge was to derive sounds from the car and create a song without using any other instruments, except car sounds and voices. At the same time, I had to ensure the track was modern and has an instant appeal to the modern discerning Indian. "When working with car sounds which are mechanical in nature, the goal was to infuse a life like quality to them and give the car a personality and make it come alive. The car was more than co-operative and I myself was amazed at the sheer range of sounds I was able to extract from the Elite i20. It's like the car was literally my co-composer on this one. I hope the viewers have as much fun watching this video as we've had creating it.”