Arjun Kapoor's grandmother finds her daughter-in-law in this Bollywood actress...Know Who?

New Delhi, Sep 18, News24 Bureau: These days, Bollywood stars are getting married one by one and settling down. Sonam Kapoor has just married and has settled down in her house. Apart from this, actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are going to get married soon. 

Now it seems that after Sonam, his cousin Arjun Kapoor is also going to join this list. Actually, Arjun told on social media yesterday that his grandmother, Nirmal Kapoor, gave him a direct decree that he should get married as soon as possible. Arjun's grandmother threatened him to get married soon.

The picture of this threat was shared by Arjun himself on social media. In which it was written 'Jaldi Shadi Karo' on an envelope. Now, recently Arjun has revealed another disclosure that his grandmother likes a Bollywood actress whom she wants to make her daughter-in-law.

According to the report, Arjun said in an interview that his grandmother feels that Parineeti Chopra is worthy of becoming her daughter-in-law. It was said in the report that grandmother likes the chemistry of Arjun and Parineeti.

Both of them will soon be seen in the movie 'Namaste England'. After this, his grandmother feels that Arjun-Parineeti should get married. Arjun also said in the interview that, his grandmother loves the pair of him and Parineeti compared to any other co-star.