Aryan mobbed at the Airport! Already a star!

We are all very excited about Aryan's debut in Bollywood. Supposedly, their doting uncle Karan Johar will launch him. However, as per his father's instructions, he has to finish his studies first. 



Shah Rukh Khan's Elder Son Aryan Khan Is Already Popular And Has Zillions Of Girl Fans Like His Daddy Dearest! 

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan's handsome elder son Aryan Khan is already popular and has zillions of girl fans like his daddy dearest!

An example of it was seen at the London Heathrow airport when the announcement of Aryan's arrival made many girls go weak in their knees present at the airport. According to a report by a leading daily, the dashing lad got practically mobbed at the airport, with young girls asking for selfies and pictures. 

Well, there is one thing that couldn't go unnoticed. Aryan obliged the girls with selfies.