ASICS: Mumbai delivers the best quality of life, Delhi ranked 6th, Chandigarh at the bottom

New Delhi: Mumbai topped the list and Thiruvananthpuram on the second among 21 major urban cities in an survey conducted by The Annual Survey of India's City-Systems ( ASICS) to evaluate the capability of city administration to convey better life quality over the medium and long term. Delhi’s position slipped to sixth from five in 2014 whereas, Bhubaneshwar ranked number one in the smart cities marked at eighteenth position. Chandigarh, one of the well planned cities,  has the questionable distinction of being at the bottom for the second time consecutively. Cities with major improvements include Hyderabad which has climbed from to nine from the spot of seventeen within a range of one year and Kanpur which ranked  at 14  in 2014, moving 6 spots above a year ago. Correspondingly, Chennai has made exceptional change, while Raipur and Surat slipped altogether in the rundown. The reports has uncoverd how all the Indian cities keep on scoring in the range of 2 to 4.2 ona size of 0 to 10 however, London and New York have scored 9.4 and 9.7 respectively. On the individual city frameworks segments, the Indian cities have scored in a range of 0.6 to 6.4 . Evaluating the significance of the report, Srikanth Vishwanath, organizer of Janaagraha said during during the time when governments have been launching urban rejuvenation programs, around the same time floods in Mumbai, garbage in Banglore  and more recently air pollution in Delhi and Chennai floods are alerts that the progression of intervowen activities will not suffice. The point of the report is to focus on imperfect legislations, policies, procedures and practices that lie at the base of low quality life in urban areas. The report has also prescribed major prompt and medium-term changes in the areas of access to more light income streams, far reaching survey of framework and enrollment guidelines to get skilled labour to meet expectations of people.