Assam polls: If BJP comes to power, the state will be governed by RSS, believes Rahul

Diphu/Karimganj: If Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins the assembly polls in Assam, the state will be administered by the RSS from its Nagpur headquarters or by the PMO in Delhi, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday.

Addressing a public rally in Diphu in Karbi Anglong, Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was only good at making lofty promises but never fulfils them.

"Modi ji comes, makes lofty promises and then leaves. Modi ji came to Assam before the Lok Sabha polls and made promises. However, his promises are yet to be fulfilled," claimed Gandhi, asking, "RSS wants to impose one ideology across the country. If one ideology is imposed everywhere, what will happen to your language, culture, religion, tradition etc?"

"If the BJP comes to power in Assam, Assam will not be administered from Assam but from Nagpur or from the Prime Minister's Office," he said.

He said the BJP "always wants to make people fight against each other".

"When there was a Congress government in Haryana, it was completely peaceful. However, a month after the BJP government came to power in Haryana, violence started. They did it in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, everywhere," he said.

The BJP "wants to do the same thing in Assam by creating violence", Gandhi said.

Countering Modi's non-development allegations, Gandhi said it was the Congress government in Assam that brought peace to the state 15 years back and that there cannot be any development without peace.

"The Congress undertook massive work in Assam in the last 15 years but the biggest achievement of the Congress government is that the party brought peace to the once troubled and violent state," he said.

Gandhi assured to give a package of Rs.1,000 crore to Karbi Anglong and set up a medical college and an engineering college in the hill district if the Congress is voted back to power.

In Karimganj, Gandhi said Modi, instead of speaking on the radio, should listen to the "mann ki baat" of the people of India.

At a public rally in Karimganj in the Barak Valley, he said the prime minister thinks he knows everything and that the people of the country know nothing.

"You do 'Mann Ki Baat' on the radio. But please also listen to the 'mann ki baat' of the people of the country sometimes. You have nothing to lose if you listen to the people's 'mann ki baat'," Gandhi said, accusing Modi and the BJP-led government of working for rich businessmen and not for the poor farmers and working class.

"There are 5-6 businessmen in the country and they are always happy. The country's national exchequer has earned hundreds of crores of rupees recently after petrol prices were slashed in the international market.

"However, the poor people will not get any benefit, rather all the benefits will go to selected rich businessmen in the country," he said.

"Have you ever seen Modi ji with a farmer or a worker or with a youth? Have you ever seen Modi ji visiting the paddy fields of poor farmers in any part of the country? No, You will not see him there. But you will always see him photographed with rich businessmen and a few bureaucrats.

"They (BJP) want to run the government for a selected few but we want to run the government of people, of poor farmers and common men," Gandhi said.

"However, the people of Assam are smart and intelligent and they know that the most important thing for them is the brotherhood among communities. There are people of all religions here and they all have been living with peace since ages.

"The RSS wants to end this, they want to take away this brotherhood among communities and people of different regions," he said, adding that the Congress would not let this happen.