At 'Mashaal Juloos' sans 'Mashaal', Rahul attempts to corner Kejriwal, Modi

New Delhi: Attempting to corner both Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his bete noire Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, in a march against the AAP-led government over the ongoing power and water crisis in the national capital, said that both leaders are under the impression that people can be fooled all time.


The march, called 'Mashaal Juloos', earlier met with a major hurdle when the Delhi Police barred the use of fire-lit lanterns, considering it as a hazard.


This, however, refused to dampen the spirit of the party workers, as they gathered in large numbers and raised slogans such as - Sonia Gandhi ki jai, Rahul Gandhi ki jai. A speaker was loudly urging the workers to rally behind Rahul Gandhi and support him saying, "Rahul Ji ke saath chalein".


Rahul, who was atop a vehicle in a huge convoy accompanied by Congress leader Ajay Maken besides other prominent local Congress leaders, said that Kejriwal had made tall promises about solving the city's electricity and water problems, but was now trying to divert the issue by ranking up 'odd-even' and pollution issues.


"Sometimes it is possible to fool all at once, but it can't be done again and again. There is time for a selfie, there is time for TV, internet, and Modi ji and Kejriwal ji think that they can fool people every time," he said while addressing the gathering.


"Kejriwal had made tall promises of providing electricity. But, power cuts are rampant. There is water problem and Kejriwal ji speaks of Odd-even, pollution but does not do any work," he added.


In a veiled reference to Prime Minister Modi, he said, "His selfie politics and television politics are hurting the poor."


Rahul also trained guns at the celebrations organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the India Gate to mark it two years in office.


"Farmers are dying due to drought and water problems and a celebration is being held at India gate, where people from Bollywood have come," Rahul said.


Drawing comparisons between him and other politicians, he said, "I indulge in politics based on Mahatma Gandhi's ideology, I can never indulge in politics of lie and false promises."


Some of the vociferous agitators were also raised anti-Kejriwal slogans, while some were heard criticizing the Delhi government. Heavy presence of police personnel was seen at the Congress' march.


Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders Sanjay Singh, Dilip Pandey and Raghav Chaddha were detained by the police near Rahul Gandhi's protest venue.


Pandey told ANI, that they had informed the Congress Party of holding a discussion on this issue and they were waiting there for that only.


"We thought they believe in democracy, dialogue and debate, but it seems they do not believe so. Otherwise, we would have told them, how Sheila Dikshit and Maken were involved in a money laundering scam of Rs. 8,000 crore. It is not right to do drama in such a situation. Rahul is just doing drama. He doesn't care about the people of Delhi. He should stop acting," he added.