Atletico's Borja diagnosed with fracture in left arm

Madrid: Atletico Madrid forward Borja "Baston" Gonzalez broke a bone in his left arm while training with the football club on Thursday. Baston suffered a left ulna fracture during exercises, the club's medical services said in a statement, reports Efe. "The striker suffered from an oblique fracture to the distal third of the left ulna," the club said on its official website.  "He requires surgical reduction," the statement added. Atletico did not specify the estimated recovery period for the 23-year-old striker, who broke one of the forearm's two long bones during a power-training exercise. The mechanism he was using anchored a rubber band to the floor and the injury happened when it dislodged and hit Baston in the forearm, prompting first-aid assistance on the pitch. Baston then left for a more extensive medical examination, which resulted in the ulna fracture diagnosis.