Australia to suspend live cattle trade to Vietnam amid reports of cruelty

Canberra: The Australian government has decided to suspend export of live cattle to Vietnam following the release of a shocking footage which showed cattle being cruelly and slowly clubbed to death. On Thursday night, a programme on Australia's ABC network revealed the footage of Australian cows being inhumanely treated and killed in Vietnamese abattoirs, with many being struck with sledgehammers several times before they are finally killed. On Friday, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull labeled the footage "deeply disturbing", while Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said Australia will suspend cattle trade with Vietnam while an investigation was being carried out, Xinhua news agency reported. "Immediately when we found out about this we went straight into action," Joyce said. "The Department of Agriculture has been working closely with the industry, the abattoir has been suspended from receiving cattle, we are investigating this process but further action needs to take place and will take place." Meanwhile Alison Penfold, Chief Executive of the Australian Livestock Exporters' Council (ALEC), said the footage aired on the ABC was some of the "most sickening" she had ever seen. "Australian livestock exporters agree sledgehammering is an abhorrent inhumane practice that has no place in a modern society and must be stamped out," Penfold added.