'Baby Doll bursts out at journalist'

New Delhi:-Leaving her past behind, Sunny Leone has cemented her place in the Bollywood industry but her past repeatedly continues to haunt her time and again and this time it was by a journalist. So the question is why can't our society get over with the actress' past profession?

Recently, Sunny Leone was staying in a five star hotel to attend the Holi event at Gujarat where a drunk man entered her room without prior permission. He began asking stupid favors from her. However, the situation didn't aggravate as Sunny didn't react to it. This was not the end, after that Sunny was stopped by the same man asserting himself to be a journalist.

The shameless man crossed all lines when he allegedly asked her about how much she charged for a night. Listening to this filthy comment, she burst out at the journalist yelling and slapping him.

Later Daniel Weber reacted to the entire incident. According to the reports, Daniel Weber claimed that the entire story was fabricated and holds no significant value. As a matter of fact he even approached the newspaper that had published this false report and asked them to issue an official apology for the same.