'Bad Moms' billboards banned in Russia

Moscow: The film "Bad Moms", starring actress Mila Kunis, has gotten into trouble in Russia because of Kunis's last name which has a different meaning here.

St. Petersburg-based ad agencies declined to place billboards of the film due to alleged sexual implications in the slogan which read "Do you want some Kunis?", reports hollywoodreporter.com.

The ad agencies were said to be irritated by the word "Kunis", which is similar to the last name of the lead star and very close to the Russian term for "cunnilingus". 

Volga, the Russian distributor of the movie, refused to give any comments regarding the report. 

A conservative St. Petersburg legislator named Vitaly Milonov praised the ad agencies for "saving the city's pride".

"We couldn't care less about the distributor's interests and opinion. St. Petersburg is the cultural capital, and you shouldn't bring all kinds of trash here," Milinov said.

A major Russian TV station also refused to air a commercial for "Bad Moms" in daytime due to "sexual content". The comedy, which also stars actors Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, opened in Russia on September 1.