Bad news..Mother Dairy milk price up Rs 2/litre

New Delhi, Oct 7:  Mother Dairy on Saturday said it has raised the price of its loose vended milk -- which is commonly known as "token milk" -- by Rs 2 in the city with effect from October 8. The leading dairy firm said the prices of its polypack milk variants will, however, remain the same. According to the company, the revised price of token milk will be Rs 40 per litre from the current price of Rs 38. "The company is increasing the prices only in 'token milk' which contributes approximately 20 per cent volume to its milk portfolio," said Mother Dairy in a statement. "The price of poly pack milk variants, constituting 80 per cent of company's milk portfolio, will remain unchanged -- the increased cost being absorbed by the company," it said. Token milk is fortified with vitamins A&D and is the largest branded loose milk in the country, the statement added. IANS