Bangladesh to hold investors meet to build confidence

Kolkata: Asserting that recent terror attacks in Bangladesh have not led to flight of investors, Gowher Rizvi, an adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, on Thursday said his country will hold an investors meet in July to aver its commitment towards suppressing terrorism. "The investors, as well as the international community, realises the fact that what happened in Bangladesh, has happened or could happen in any country," Rizvi said rejecting suggestions that the two recent terrorist attacks - one at a cafe in Dhaka's diplomatic enclave and the other near the country's largest Eid congregation venue - has led to flight of investors or tourists from the country. "Nobody has moved or said they will move away, new investors haven't said they will not come. I can assure you, no tourist has run away, not a single investor has left the country," he said. "We had a talk with the Board of Investments and we are going to hold a meet next week in Dhaka where we will invite all foreign businessmen and investors and answer all their queries. We will tell them what security measures we have taken," he said. "We have to demonstrate to the world that we are seriously looking into every possible dimension, and we will deploy our entire resources in suppressing terrorism," he added.