Baramulla suicide terror attack: Local support suspected

Asif Suhas,Baramulla (Jammu & Kashmir): Baramulla has seen a lot of anti-India activity. Thus,Local support is being suspected in suicide terror attack on Army and BSF camps at Baramulla. According to sources, the Pakistan-trained terrorists seemed to be well aware of the layout of the BSF camp. Not only they dared to enter from the front, but once inside they were trying to move towards the arms depot at the camp. This, sources say, is only possible if somebody is in know of exactly where is what. Sources say locals who may be visiting the camp regularly for routine work could have mapped the camp for the terrorists. Alternatively, terrorists would have recced the camp with the help of the locals. Similarly, in the case of 46 RR camp, the local support is not being ruled out. 
The army camp is in old Baramulla town and is close to a residential area, and thus, sources add, the terrorists could have been hiding there during the day before coming out for the attack. It is also being suspected that terrorists may have used a stadium near the army camp as a hideout with local help.