Ben Affleck hunting for new home with brother

Los Angeles,  Actor Ben Affleck is reportedly planning to move in with his younger brother Casey Affleck and both are said to be on a hunt for a home here following Casey's split from wife Summer Phoenix. Moving trucks were earlier spotted at Affleck and his former wife Jennifer Garner's Pacific Palisades home.  “This was actually their mom Chris's idea. She's extremely worried about both of them, especially Ben, who's been an absolute wreck these past few weeks,” quoted a source as saying. “Ben clung on so long to the dream that Jen was coming back but now it's clearly 100 percent done and he's had a tough time pulling himself together."  "The same goes for Casey, but he's actually been a lot stronger than Ben and is leading the search for a small pad they can share for a while until they're both in a better place," the source added.