Bengal teenager hangs self for not getting money for new clothes

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Kolkata, Sep 28: A teenager allegedly committed suicide in West Bengal's Malda district after his mother refused to give him money to buy clothes on the occasion of Durga puja, police said on Thursday. Partho Saha, 19, a resident of Malda district's Krishna Kalitala area, allegedly hung himself on Wednesday after his mother refused to give him Rs 4,000, saying the family could not afford such expenses. "The boy hung himself using his mother's saree on Wednesday afternoon during his parents absence. He was rushed to the local hospital where he was declared dead," said an officer from English Bazar police station. Saha's mother said she gave him Rs 1000 on Tuesday but he wanted more and was upset on being refused. "I told him we cannot afford it. His father is a rickshaw puller. We cannot spend such amounts on cloths. But he felt bad about it," the mother said. Police said an autopsy has been done and further investigation would be conducted after receiving the report.