Better for Britain to stay in EU: IMF chief

Vienna: Britain will benefit most by staying in the European Union (EU), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief said on Friday. "There is, in my view, a clear case as to how Britain has benefited -- and will continue to benefit -- from its membership in the EU," Xinhua news agency quoted Christine Lagarde as saying. Lagarde said it was quite beneficial for Britain to stay in the EU, noting people should know that there were jobs and income gains that have come from the increased trade within the EU. "Being part of the EU has greatly aided the transformation of Britain into a dynamic and vibrant economy," she said at the IMF's Finance in Dialogue event. "Membership in the EU has made Britain a richer economy but it has also made it a more diverse, more exciting and more creative country," she added.  Lagarde warned there were many risks in leaving. "We have already been on record that the economic risks of leaving are firmly to the downside. "As in all countries, there are people who are struggling in this new environment, but for the majority of citizens the EU has been a great success story," she said.