Beyonce's hair colourist does extensive 'homework' for her

Los Angeles: Singer Beyoncé's colourist has to do extensive homework before highlighting her hair. Rita Hazan, who started as a hair dresser aged 17, says that the position of the “Lemonade” hitmaker's highlights are very important and she has to attend the singer's concerts to carefully study her hair and how it falls to know exactly where to place the dye, reports "With Beyoncé, the placement of her highlights is very important to me, so I do homework. I go to her concerts and I watch how her hair moves in the wind,” Hazan said. "But it's important that your hair colour be customised to you. Look for images of women who has the same skin tone and eye colour as you so that you're confident the colour will work,” she added. The stylist shared that the mother of two, who has four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with her husband Jay Z, constantly changes her style. "Beyoncé likes to change it up constantly! But if you're not on stage like her, you can go a bit longer between touch-ups,” Hazan said. "But I see every one of my clients once a month, if not more ... But the truth is, your colour is going to fade. That's why I created a gloss that you can use two to four times a week before conditioning to help with vibrancy. You should have beautiful hair all the time,' she added.