Bhushan seeks resignation of Dental Council of India chief

New Delhi: Eminent lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Friday accused President of Dental Council of India (DCI), Dibyendu Mazumder, of a host of irregularities in running the body, including arbitrary allocations of seats in dental colleges, and demanded Union Health Ministry ask him to relinquish his post. Mazumder told IANS that the allegations are false. Addressing a press conference here, Bhushan accused Mazumder of not following the Dentist Act, 1948, when as a serving member he accepted the post of a visiting professor at Vananchal Dental College in Jharkhand. "As per Dentist Act visiting professor is illegal and not acceptable. In order to oblige Mazumder, Vananchal Dental College gave him membership which was hidden by Dr Mazumder for more than one year and in turn the college was favoured by Dr Mazumder on quid pro basis," alleged Bhushan. Bhushan accused Mazumder of arbitrarily appointing a person close to him as the secretary of DCI and not complying to the Dental Act. Mazumder, when contacted, said: "All allegations are false...I am not bothered." "I have been a very competent government servant that's why I have been able to work properly from Delhi to West Bengal," Mazumder. IANS