BIG Aadhar fraud unearthed, be careful

New Delhi, Sep 12: Unique Identification Authority of India has said that it has detected and blacklisted more than 49,000 operators. The company received many complains which said that several complaints were being overcharged for Aadharr services.

UDAI said that ff any operators or supervisors were found involved in corrupt practices, they are blacklisted from the system for five years. The enrolment agency is also penalised with a fine of Rs 50,000 in addition to other legal steps. Since December 2016, over 6,100 overcharging incidents have been fined Rs 10,000 each for the incident and from July 2017, 466 such incidents have drawn penalties of Rs 50,000 for each incident. "This has been a clear violation of the provisions of the Section 34 of the Aadhaar Act, which provides penalty for impersonation at the time of enrolment," said the UIDAI.

However, it added that its enrolment and authentication are "robustly secure systems" that are able to detect on its own any such fraudulent or abnormal activity by any unscrupulous element.

"On detection of such illegal activities, the UIDAI takes necessary legal action against such elements and had filed the complaint, in this case with the UPSTF to lodge an FIR, which investigated and arrested this gang of 10 persons today," it stated.