Big Big News..Rs 2000 notes without Gandhi photo, check your notes

Sheopur (Madhya Pardesh): This is shocking to say the least. A printing error on a genuine Rs 2000 note. This happened here two elderly farmers here.They got notes without the picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

When the farmers saw the Rs 2000 notes without the customary picture of Mahatma Gandhi, they were shocked and thought that the notes were fake. However, when they contacted the bank officials they were told notes were not fake, but there was a printing error.

Laxman Meena had withdrawn Rs 6,000 from a SBI branch. He had never seen the new note before, so he took all the notes home given by the cashier without reacting.

Once home, Laxman's son saw the notes and raised alram.Laxman rushed back to the bank, where the officials initially tried to hush up the matter. But, at that point another farmer Gurmeet reached bank, with the same complaint.

Bank officials quietly accepted notes from both farmers. However, they were not offered new notes  

Initially the bank staff tried to hush-up the matter but soon another farmer, Gurmeet Singh from Kadukhera village, reached the bank with two Rs 2,000 notes with the same issue.

The bank officers quietly accepted the notes but did not offer new notes. The bank manager Shrawanlal Meena said, "The space meant for picture was blank. We have accepted the notes." (News24Bureau)