Big Boss 11 BIG FIGHT between Bhabhi Ji and Vikas!

New Delhi, Oct 3: With sheer excitement about Big Boss 11, the guts and the contestants' tiredness moved their way for the first fight in the house.

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta picked a fight where they had left off on-stage and got into an argument in the first few hours of the morning. Where Shilpa tried to justify her side of the story, Vikas lost his temper and called her a 'psycho' and 'mentally challenged person.' While the remaining contestants tried to intervene, Shilpa moved away from the scene crying.

The ugly tiff between fondly known as Bhabhi Ji, Shilpa and producer Vikas has been one of the headlines in the past. Nothing left the two of their issues at the Big Boss house!