Big disclosure by doctor, Ram Rahim is a sex addict!

New Delhi,Sep 11: A doctor has made a stunning declaration about the jailed rapist Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The doctor has declared that Ram Rahim was a sex addict and ever since he has been in the jail he is showing withdrawal syndromes.

It can also be recalled that after he was declared a convict an was being sent the jail the desperate Ram Rahim had requested the court to allow his accomplice Honeypreet to accompany him as he said that he has an acute back ache problem. He told the court that Honepreet is his physiotherapist and masseur as well, but the court turned own his request.

Insid the jail the sex addict Baba is unable to indulge in his sexual activities and according to the doctor attending him inside the jail, he is showing withdrawal syndromes.