BIG KBC fraud..WhatsApp users beware of these messages

New Delhi, October 17: Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) a popular general knowledge quiz game show name has been used by scamsters to cheat people of money.

These scamsters presented themselves as KBC crew while contacting people over phone or through whatsapp and surprised many people as if they had won a cash prize by participating in the game and some of them fell for the trick.

A major reason which is claimed for people believing the fraud calls or messages is KBC's own Play-Along feature that can be seen in Sony Liv mobile application in which people can participate to win cash prizes.

Here's how the people fell for the trick:

Scamsters created a database of people playing the quiz game and called them randomly. 

After calling people, scamsters presented themselves as ‘KBC representatives’ and surprised people as if they have won the prize money by participating in the quiz.

If some people denied of playing such game, these scamsters then claimed that they were shortlisted by their telecom operator.

Another Alternative was to ask easy questions to make the victims 'win'.

Some scamsters were also active on WhatsApp to cheat people.

After people fell for the trick then scamsters asked people to deposit a small amount of money as processing fee via a bank draft.

In some cases, scamsters transferred money to the people after asking their confidential bank account details.

As per police complaints, these fake calls were made from outside India and numbers calling code started from 0092.

News24 Bureau