BIG NEWS: Modi announces amnesty for businessmen, no post-mortem of deals before Nov 8

New Delhi: On the 38th day of the note ban, PM Narendra Modi announced a major relief for the traders and businessmen. Fore practical purposes, the PM announced yet another amnesty scheme for the trading and business community.

Addressing the BJP Parliamentary Party, Modi said that the Income Tax department will not look into deals done before announcement of note ban on November 8. " There will be no post-mortem. I have issued directions to all officials not to harass people for transactions done before November 8," Modi added.
There was fear among the business community that the Income Tax department will look into the cash deposits after November 8 and then question them about the source of money, thereby resulting in probe of deals done before November 8.    

He also assured factory owners that he has instructed Labour Ministry not to probe pre-November 8 records. The Labour Ministry in turn has issued instructions to its officials in this regard, Modi said. (News24Bureau)