Birthday special: Chitrangada’s flawless style statement

Chitrangada has inspired a new fashion trend among the women who have a bronzed Indian complexion. In the realm of fair beauties, it is exceptionally difficult for a dusky complexion lady to get noticed. In any case, Chitrangada Singh’s style statement has ensured that she stands out of the crowd and sets fashion trends. Despite the fact that this Punjabi diva has always been in front of the camera, have a closer look at her fashion proclamation- -In Bridal Wear White is an unorthodox colour for the bride. But Chitrangada figured out to look demurely beautiful in this white bridal wear. -Accessories love Even when Chitrangada is not dressed her best, she can awe you with her accessories. -The Diva in Black Women with dusky complexion were always advised to wear light colours. But Chitrangada defies all these rules. The diva looks absolutely grgeous in this strapless one-piece black dress. -Absolute Formal The actress ensures her amicable nature with formal wears.

- Sassy Being an Indian woman, she is not reluctant to highlight her assets.

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