BJP does not indulge in horse-trading, says Prakash Javadkar

New Delhi, May 16: As the big drama in Karnataka unfols with each passing ay and th ance of democracy presents some unsavory pictures both BJP and Congress come forward to shrug off any charges of corruption.

Earlier in the day it was being said that the BJP is hell-bent on forming the government an it is offering Rs 100 crore to each MLA to break away from Congress or JD(S),

 Prakash Javadekar, who is the Karnataka BJP In-charge has refute all such charges. HD Kumaraswamy had leveled charges of horse-trading n the BJP to win over some MLAs on its side. Kumaraswamy had said that the BJP was offering Rs 100 crore for each MLA.  

"They are leveling baseless charges against BJP. Poaching and horse trading is not done by BJP; Congress is famous for it. Their own MLAs are not happy with their alliance. Rs 100 crore figure is not only imaginary but it is what Congress-JDS do politics through. We are going by rules, we have submitted our claim to the governor and are confident of forming the govt."